Easter Elephants

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Every Easter, my family has a tradition of going camping.  When I say my family, I don’t mean my mom and sister.  I mean every member of the extended family who is alive and capable of camping.

These days it’s actually been taken down a generation for population reasons, but when I was a kid it was camping with family members all the way up to my great grandmother.  I guess normal people would call that a family reunion.

Living in Virginia as I now do, I don’t get to go to Easter as often as I used to so I guess my unconscious mind wants to go.  It was one of these Easter campouts that was the setting for one of the strangest dreams I’ve had in some time.

My immediate family were camping in a cabin in my dream.  The front of the cabin faced a large open area where the rest of the family was camping, while the back opened onto a rather busy highway.  It seemed normal as strange dream things often do.

We looked out the window towards the highway and saw two baby zebras sitting on the side closest to us.  We were immediately concerned about their well-being with the crazy highway in front of them.  Wondering where the parents might be, we looked up and saw two adult zebras across the way.

Then there was commotion.  Across the highway, a little bit down from the zebras, was an elephant charging across the highway.  He headbutted a Jeep, and cars careened all over the place.  As we watched it all unfold we were in awe at the destruction the elephant had caused.

But then the elephant kept running — straight to our cabin.  He headbutted the window and it cracked.  We breathed a sigh of relief; we were safe.  But then creaking and cracking… the tree above the cabin was falling.  Panicked, I grabbed my wife and ran out of the cabin.

The cabin collapsed and I turned back realizing that I did not try to save my sister, niece, stepfather or mom.  I went back to the rubble and crawled in and asked, “Is anyone in here?”

My mom replied, “I am.  But Kenny’s [stepfather] going to come get me.  Don’t worry about it.”

Then there were fireworks and a band.  My cousin Mandy was the lead singer and shouted “Happy New Year!”  My wife looked at her watch and sure enough it was midnight.  I don’t know how Easter ended up being New Year’s Eve.

My family was all ok and then my friend Dave showed up because he had heard about the cabin catastrophe and wanted to fix the toilet for us.  He installed a Ford motor in the toilet tank and then showed us how clean of an engine it was and how wonderfully our toilet would run.  For some reason, the motor itself was yellow.

We went back outside to the festivities and I woke up.

Note to Self #1: never go camping when there are elephants around.

Note to Self #2: Contact Dave for toilet problems.

3 Comments to Easter Elephants

  1. halfling,

    Could’ve been worse. You might have had a nightmare about being stuck at a family reunion watching dancing singing pirates…wait…nevermind.

  2. Dave,

    WOW. How I could come to be associated in anyone’s subconscious anywhere with mechanical or plumbing skills is totally beyond me. There are obviously elements of our friendship that I am in the dark on. Furthermore, you know how I feel about American-made motors – there’s no way I’d install a Ford motor on your crapper. Especially a yellow one. That’s got Toby Keith’s style written all over it, not mine. But I’m glad you seem to’ve liked it.

  3. Mom,

    WOW. How could I be associated to a son who left his mother to die in the rubble? That is one freaky dream. Even our wildest Easter campouts (such as the tent washing away as we lay almost drowning in our sleep, or the snow accumulation on the bluebonnets in Texas in spring, or the tent camper collapsing under Danny’s wait while we all watched drinking beer around the campfire, or the hoodlums that came with Gina and burned the giant wire spools used for tables) cannot compare to your dream. I hope it is not foreshadowing of things to come. But I guess I would get to meet Dave as he fixed our toilet!

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