Blizzcon: Day 1

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hotties.jpgWell I survived Day 1 of Blizzcon and it was a very busy day! The day opened with Blizzard’s announcement of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

To my surprise, they actually had a playable demo on the showroom floor! The wife and I were able to get 20 minutes in the Howling Fjord — one of the entry zones into Northrend.

Interestingly (and wisely), Northrend will actually have two entry zones so not everyone will be crammed into the same zone come release day.

They went into pretty big detail about the game, showing off the Death Knight class and how it will work and fit into the game. It’s considered a “hero class” but it’s not a class that your character turns into.

Instead, you must do a questline (they compared it to the Warlock Epic Mount quest) and then you’re able to create new characters as Death Knights.

troll.jpgHe’s supposed to be a tank/DPS hybrid who doesn’t need shields in order to tank effectively.

He doesn’t use rage, mana, or energy but instead is getting a new “rune” system which involves him inscribing runes onto his weapon to determine the spells he can cast during combat.

Aside from the new expansion, there was Starcraft 2.

Honestly, it feels very very early in development and some of their ideas for the single player “story mode” are kinda weird. The plan is to take the time between RTS missions to give you an adventure/RPG like interaction with characters.

My first thought was that it was kind of hokey. I hope they work it out. In their defense, it was pretty early on into development.

There were also tons of folk in costume, which I hope to post up when I get back from Cali. There’s just a couple of samples here for now.

Day 2 looks to be less hectic and certainly lower on the new information flood. I’ll blog about it… eventually.

5 Comments to Blizzcon: Day 1

  1. Rob,

    “Engage in epic siege warfare, deploying mighty siege engines to lay waste to destructible buildings in your path.”

    Sounds cool, did you get to see this? How does it work?

  2. Lykaon,

    They didn’t show any of that at Blizzcon and it wasn’t in the demo I played. Either it’s not ready or its not even partially done. Who knows?

    I think all of that is related to PVP though.

  3. Lykaon,

    Oh yah. They did mention that you’d actually get to drive the siege tanks around — not just click them — but actually drive them around.

  4. Kevin,

    Those women are paid models, right? … Right?

  5. Lykaon,

    Those chicks in the top must be. I don’t know for sure. They didn’t have to wear badges, so that tells me that signs point to yes.

    I have pics of other chicks who weren’t paid models. Obviously not as hot, but more made up. A lot of draenai chicks this year.

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